Welcome to Screw that Poop

Hello and a warm welcome to my blog.

This is a brain dump blog  about my journey in life.  The highs, the lows, but essentially about my journey through alcoholism and sobriety, mental health issues, brain tumours anuerysms and motherhood.

I really wanted to call my site, F*ck That Sh*t, after an amazing burlesque cabaret I saw with a very good friend in London in the early spring, the power  the compere used in delivering that line during the show stuck with me, but I thought it possibly a bit too inappropriate, so Screw that Poop was born instead.

It is a site in progress, like, life, always evolving and changing, perhaps a little slower than real life does, but at a speed that reflects life as I know it.

I’ve been inspired by so many others to let it out and tell my story so that it helps me settle my never ending talking mind, and hopefully, give others hope along the way.

I am not a writer, far from it, so yes, there will be errors along the way, typos, grammatical challenges, wrong use of words etc…. so please don’t judge me on these if you spot them.  Part of my battle now is getting my mind to work properly, my memory is not so great and things don’t often match up.

Have a super duper day, and thanks for reading.